Dunny Derby Short
Director // Tristan Barr
Run time //
16 minutes
Documentary Filmmakers follow Derek Dallas Junior II and his team of mates “The Underbogs” as they prepare for “The Dunny Derby Championships sponsored by Quilton”.
Tristan was the first filmmaker down under to shoot a full-length feature film in one single take, across the span of 9 different locations and a running time of 82 minutes, “watch the Sunset”, which was named by Cinema Australia as one of the top five films of 2017. A passionate visual storyteller, his other work has received consistent praise, including an accolade for ‘Best Director’ at the Canada International Film Festival for his feature project titled ‘This Little Piggy’. Multi-skilled Tristan is currently producing the horror/comedy ‘Cursed TV’ show in association with Screen QLD
Shoot date //
20 - 24 September 2021
Release Date //
June 2023
Festivals //

Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival (Audience Award Recipient)

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Director //

Tristan Barr

Writer //
Producers //

Ashley Burgess
Tristan Barr
Matthew Caffoe

Starring //

Matthew Caffoe
Michael Deed
Karen Crone

Director of Photography //

Dan Hodgson

Production Design //
Editor //

Bradley Gillow
Judy Yeh

Cultural Advisor //
Cinematographer //
Sound Designer //

Michael Monoco

Co-Production Partners //

Kolperi Outback Filmmaking
Continuance Pictures
Mashed Productions

Music //